English News》Pope Francis makes surprise call to autistic boy

Pope Francis makes surprise call to autistic boy



When 18 year-old Andrea Baruffi, who has autism, saw Pope Francis online during his morning Mass telling the congregation to give each other a sign of peace, he was worried. So he sat down and wrote a letter to the Pope telling him "you can't say that because in the pandemic we can't touch each other." And the Pope decided to give him a call.

At first Pope Francis got through to Andrea's mother, who was in a queue at the supermarket in their hometown of Caravaggio in northern Italy, But later that day, he called him at home and this time he got through to Andrea. A member of the family filmed the conversation and posted it online.

During the call the Pope said he was happy to receive the letter and told Andrea he would be sending him a papalino, (one of his white skullcap) which Andrea had asked for.

Pope Francis reassured Andrea that during his Masses at Casa Santa Marta, at the present time, people do the sign of peace, but they don't touch. They just nod their heads. So, it's all okay," he said.

Andrea smiled when he heard this. His Mum explained that Andrea is an adamant follower of his morning Masses and is fascinated by vestments. "All our priests know him because he is extremely religious," she said, calling her son "a blessing from heaven."

Pope Francis then asked how many were in the family, and Baruffi said there were four: her husband, two sons and herself. She asked for prayers for her elderly mother, who has Alzheimer's, and said the priests at their parish also sent their greetings and hope to see him in Rome.

During his morning Mass on 29 April, Pope Francis recalled the "correction" he had received from Andrea, and said "the letters of boys, of children, are beautiful, because of their concreteness."


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